Placenta Encapsulation

According to a study in 2013, “Human Maternal Placentophagy: A Survey of Self-Reported Motivations & Experiences Associated with Placenta Consumption” there are 14 benefits to placenta encapsulation that were repeatedly reported (You will likely not see all of these benefits but will see a combination of them).

  1. Alleviated postpartum bleeding
  2. Helping the uterus shrink
  3. Improved and accelerated healing & recovery
  4. Reduced postpartum pain
  5. Prevention & treatment of anemia
  6. Improved lactation
  7. Facilitated bonding with newborn
  8. Increased strength
  9. Accelerated weight loss
  10. Prevention & relief of headaches
  11. Treatment & prevention of hypothyroidism
  12. Replenishment & regulation of hormones
  13. Improved quality of sleep
  14. Increased libido

Placenta Encapsulation: $275

-I pick up the placenta and drop it off within 48 hours.

-Complimentary cord keepsake & placenta print.

You can choose to have someone drop it off to me and pick it up when it’s finished for a discount of $50 bringing down the cost to $225.

Add ons:

-Tincture: $30

-Salve: $30

-Placenta smoothies instead of capsules: $250

If you are interested in placenta encapsulation & doula packages visit my birth services page. For other placenta, inquiries fill out this form: